Our Features


The roof top restaurent is having a seating capacity of 50 seats. Eco friendly interior and digital surround music provide a good comfort for the guest for a candle dine.

Tent House

The exact name of tent house is Teithun or Regimental arsenal buiding. tent houses are made up of fine fabric material. The tent is light waighted which uses thin fabric to protect inmates from wind,rain and cold. The fabric wall of tents are supported by metal posts and thin ropes. Feel the complete adwenture.

Mud House

Primitive type mud houses are madeup of clay added with pasted ayurvedic medical leaves charcol. It will help to keep a good healthy atmospheric inside the mud house. building mud house are more than art and have some science side too. The backed bricks are used for protect the warm heat from out side and spread cool atmosphere inside the mud houses.


Camp fire

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